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On the "Timber construction show" 2015 in Prague, Bratislava and Košice

Our little house in the tv show in Slovakia

We build from natural building materials

     “Plant a house” is a concept I created as an architect together with other advocates of ecological architecture. We design and construct buildings and interiors using natural building materials. We believe that thoughtful architecture inspired by right materials presents to the client a higher quality product not more expensive one. 

                                                                                                                          Eliška Turanská, architect


Materials we use:



     Wood is the only sustainable construction material. This makes it the material of the future and at the same time it is the construction material with the longest tradition. But this is not the only reason why we use it in construction. We love wooden houses and we believe that this material offers us a great opportunity to design quality contemporary architecture. 



    Modern technology has helped to produce even more durable materials from wood – such as thermowood which is a thermal modified wood, ideally suited for both interior and exterior use because of its hard wearing quality and stability. We use it for facades and terraces. 



     Strawboard is an excellent material, simple to apply on external walls and internal wall partitions. It offers good thermal conductivity, excellent sound insulation and reacts flexibly to humidity. It needs no support construction for creating wall partitions.




     Great thermal insulation. Compared to commonly used insulation, wood fiber boards make excellent thermal insulation in also the summer – which makes them very suited as roof insulation. Hemp is equally suitable as well as a variety of other materials made from organic fibres.




     Walls surfaces covered with clay plasters provides to the interiors very pleasant, healthy and aesthetically unique result.




       We constantly look for simple, sophisticated, modern, as well as inexpensive heating solutions. One strongly viable option is infrared heating produced by infrared heating film set in floors, walls or ceilings. It is very effective when connected to solar panels and does not disturb the interior’s design, because it can be covered with plaster and stay invisible. 


    Every building is unique. Therefore, the heating system has to be individually planned with care for each project depending on specific weather conditions. 

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My training as an architect led me to the use of natural building materials. My experience with clay plaster started an experiment in the different ways of using it in a modern artistic way.

               Customarily, clay plasters are considered rustic style materials, however, their unique structure and texture make them suitable for a very contemporary look.

                Abstract paintings combined with clay plaster transform the interiors into original pieces of art.


Our latest projects

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